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The Honstec Syndrome by Dr. James Chappell

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Dr. James Chappell

Discovery of the Cause of All Dis-ease

With so much at stake, is it possible? Can there ever be a true, discernible cause to dis-ease, let alone all disease? After all, medicine is big business, knowing the cause of dis-ease is a step away from an effective cure.

Although now retired, since 1971, traditional naturopath, clinical nutritionist, medical herbalist, chiropractic physician and health researcher, Dr. James Chappell, has specialized in chronic, severe and terminal illnesses. Stating, “We will never find a cure to any dis-ease if we don’t know the cause.” Dr. Chappell has spent his entire adult life investigating all aspects of dis-ease; the end result? He claims he has discovered the cause of dis-ease and it’s called The HONSTEC Syndrome.

Dr. Chappell started his career in 1971, choosing the Bechamp ‘terrain’ theory as opposed to the Pasteur ‘germ’ theory. He states, “Back in the 1800’s experimental orthodox medicine was given two theories as to the cause of dis-ease. Pasteur believed that micro-organisms; microbes, germs, bacteria, fungus and virus were separate entities that caused infections, illness and dis-ease, Bechamp believed these pathogens were pleomorphic or shape shifting life forms and that the development of these organisms depended upon the state of the medium (internal terrain of the host) in which they seek. Simply, Pasteur believed you “caught” illness by exposure to a pathogen, Bechamp believed only sick people got sick, meaning you had to first have a toxic environment for pathogenic scavengers to live and thrive.”

According to Dr. Chappell, our health is ultimately affected by the loss of zeta or electrical energy potential caused by oxidative decomposition, acidic cellular destruction, tissue hypoxia and/or genetic reconfiguration or mutation. Dr. Chappell believes there are seven (7) common denominators any one or more of which contribute to the above factors and the ultimate cause of dis-ease. He calls it The HONSTEC Syndrome.

H - Hydration: It Starts With Water

Since we lose fluids through perspiration, respiration, urination and defecation, Dr. Chappell believes it is mandatory we replace these fluids on a daily basis. However, he says modern society has replaced pristine, bio-available water with sodas, concentrated-sugar-enhanced juices and chlorinated, toxic municipal water. “Since the ultimate cause of death and dis-ease is the loss of one’s zeta potential or life force energy, hydration is not only an excellent transporter of purifying hydrogen and oxygen, it can be used to introduce ionic electrolytic minerals, thus raising our cellular (zeta) electrical potential and subsequent life force energy. Proper hydration is paramount to all effective healing protocols. The key is in the minerals. World renowned researcher; Dr. Alexis Carrel, proved this fact when he kept chicken heart cells alive for over 27 years in the proper electrolytic mineral medium. In addition, he changed these fluids regularly thus detoxifying the solution.”

O - Oxygen: In the Air We Breathe

From sampling deep into polar ice caps researchers have discovered our air-oxygen content was approximately 38 to 40% just 150 years ago. As of 1996, the earth’s air-oxygen content is down to 18 to 20%. Dr. Chappell states, “As we continue to lose oxygen in our air, the opportunistic, anaerobic, pathogenic organisms proliferate. Tissue hypoxia not only lowers one’s resistance to infection, it creates an unhealthy acid pH of the body and fluids. Through proper exercise and oxygen supplementation, it is possible to oxygenate the body to levels of 150 years ago. More importantly, it addresses one contributing factor to sickness, dis-ease and premature death.”

N - Nutrition: We Are What We Eat

In June of 1936, Senate Document 264 was submitted as part of a Congressional investigation into U.S. farming practices. The leading authorities of the day had been sounding the alarm that depleted soils were causing a significant decline in the nation's health, evidenced by a steady increase in degenerative diseases. But when Congress saw the price tag on repairing the nation's farm and range soils, they swept their own investigation under the carpet. The lead witness was physician and nutritionist Dr. Charles Northen of Alabama.

According to Dr. Chappell, our soil is in worse shape than ever before. “Commercial farmers usually only apply NPK or nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as a soil additive. This may make our crops look, feel and maybe taste good, but if a full compliment of minerals are not in the soil, they will not be in the food. Eating devitalized food creates weak, sick and devitalized people. In order to avoid sickness and dis-ease, we must eat foods high in vitamin, mineral, protein, essential fatty acids and especially free radical scavenging antioxidants, while fresh and raw enough to maintain their enzymes. How we prepare our food is just as important as how it is grown. Our only alternative to being overfed and undernourished is to supplement our diets with whole-food, organic nutraceuticals.”

When asked about the most exciting new supplement on the market today, Dr. Chappell states, “Of all the nutrients available, we must take those that neutralize free radicals for they are primarily responsible for cellular destruction and genetic mutations. Antioxidants are rated by their ability to absorb free radicals. The designation is called an ORAC rating or Oxidative Radical Absorption Capacity. We should seek high ORAC rated foods and whole-complex food supplements.”

S - Spinal/Structual/Neurological: Nerve Flow

With over 600,000 nerve fibers exiting each vertebral segment throughout the spine controlling every organ, gland and muscle, there is a lot to be said about neurology. Fourth as a contributing factor is what Dr. Chappell calls spinal-structural-neurological aberrations. “It is a well known medical fact, all living tissue require a blood, lymphatic and nerve supply. Impede anyone of them and you will develop lowered tissue resistance to micro-organisms leading to dis-ease and ultimately death not to forget pain. Through body work and specific exercises, including the stretching techniques of yoga or Chi-Gong, neuro-spinal conditions and the problems they cause, can be averted and reversed.”

T - Toxins: Eighty Thousand and Counting

It is estimated there are over 80,000 man-made chemicals in our environment. From toxic metals, zeno-estrogens, organophosphates, plastics to petro-chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural products, there is a growing list of toxic chemicals known to cause a litany of diseases, cancer being one. As with the other components of The HONSTEC Syndrome, toxins alter the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis. And as Dr. Chappell states, “Toxic food, water and air all contribute to oxidative decomposition leading to lowered cellular zeta potential and cellular death. We must stop doing those things known to make us sick and start doing those things known to maintain optimum health. In addition, we must detoxify on a regular basis. It is as easy as improving ones lifestyle.”

E - Emotion: Energy- in-Motion

Dr. Chappell believes that emotion is energy-in-motion and must remain in motion or movement. In other words, we must not hold on to emotions, rather let them pass through. “We are the physical manifestation of the essence of projected consciousness. We are energy concentrated in a physical vessel or tuning fork. When we trap energy passing through us as emotion, we cause vibratory chaos at the cellular level. This causes dis-harmony which leads to dis-ease. Releasing this chaotic energy re-establishes harmony, subsequent balance and health. The key is forgiving the unforgivable. If Nobel Laureate Nelson Mandella can do it, anyone can. Once we learn life is about choice and we are in control of our destiny, emoting is easy.”

C - Creation Consciousness: The Law of Attraction

Also known as The Science of Deliberate Creation, Dr. Chappell calls this the most important plank of the seven causes of dis-ease. Under Creation Consciousness, Dr. Chappell describes what most of us do to forget who we are. “We are not human doings; we are energetic, vibrating human beings. We are actually spiritual beings having a human experience. Most of us avoid ourselves. We must re-discover for ourselves the purpose of life. The way we think is the way we feel, and the way we feel is the way we vibrate, and the way we vibrate is the way we attract circumstances to be. If we want to change the conditions of our life, we have to change negative thoughts to positive. We can not live in fear, insecurity, resentment, anger or jealously and expect our health to be anything other than ill. Not unlike changing a molecule of water as seen in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know, we have innate, energetic power to reconfigure dis-ease-producing-vibratory-chaos and thereby actually destroy tumors. Chi Gong Masters have been doing this for thousands of years. We simply must go beyond our limited belief into a state of knowingness. Dualistic misconception causing separation from the Source of Life and hence our own divinity, is a contributing factor to sickness and dis-ease. Simply, I used to be a truth seeker until I re-discovered I am that which I am seeking.”

According to Dr. Chappell every known dis-ease has one or more of the HONSTEC components. Until, if and when medicine recognizes these causes of dis-ease, he says there will never be a cure. And for those that have recognized and have taken action on these components, cures are being seen all over the world.

The above are excerpts from Dr. Chappell’s best selling book, A Promise Kept: One Son’s Quest for the Cause and Cure of Dis-ease. 

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