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Dr. James Chappell


Dr. James Chappell is a retired board certified chiropractic physician; board certified traditional naturopath, clinical nutritionist, medical herbalist and master nutraceutical and botanical formulator with a Bachelor’s degree in science (psychology).  Since 1971, he has been an avid health researcher and educator specializing in teaching and incorporating natural healing protocols for chronic, severe and so-called “terminal” illnesses. Notice: He does not treat patients or disease and is not a medical doctor.

As a clinician, he has consulted over 12,000 “patient/students” to date, and spent over ten years as one of the "lot" doctors at Paramount, Universal, MGM and Burbank studios in Hollywood, California seeing actors, producers and directors for prevention protocols. He is still sought out for his “3rd Opinion.”

He is a best-selling author, A Promise Kept: One Son’s Quest for the Cause and Cure of Dis-ease, The Miracle Elements, lecturer, key note speaker, TV and radio personality, Commissioner – Citizens Commission for Human Rights (CCHR), spokesperson for the Whole Wellness Club, nutraceutical, botanical and aquaceutical formulator, corporate medical consultant, founder and director of The Chappell Health Institute, The Chappell Institute for Transformational Deductive Reasoning and president of Chappell Health Products and Ruthie’s Remedies (a natural pet line).  He is also the Chief Science Officer for Real Biologics, a molecular research and development company.  After over four decades of research, he recently discovered a specialized molecule he now calls Molecule “X”.

Clinician –

            Since 1971, Dr. Chappell has had over 12,000 one-on-one sessions with people experiencing health challenges.  His specialty is teaching options relative to cancer and other chronic, severe and so-called “terminal” degenerative dis-eases.  He is known as an Intensivist.  He developed three very successful clinics and an “on location” practice in Hollywood, California seeing actors, producers and directors (1981 – 1991).

Researcher –

            Dr. Chappell discovered and coined the term: The HONSTEC Syndrome (1975); seven common denominators anyone or more can cause any dis-ease.  He created The HONSTEC Plan for Optimum Health and Longevity and the Four Step Plan to overcome illness.

Speaker/Educator –

            Since 1971, Dr. Chappell has been giving seminars teaching natural healing and natural medicine including presenting topics and subjects for outside venues with thousands in attendance. 

Author –

             Has written hundreds of articles, dozens of newsletters, several booklets and books, including his best selling book, A Promise Kept: One Son’s Quest for the Cause and Cure of Dis-ease.


TV and Radio Personality –

             Dr. Chappell has performed as either the host or nutritional expert in 24 television infomercials, a dozen radio infomercials and hundreds of radio interviews.  The most well known television infomercials are Dual Action Cleanse with Klee Irwin and his own introducing his best selling book, A Promise Kept.  He signed with GRB Entertainment (producer of Intervention) to do a health reality show called The 3rd Opinion with Dr. Jim.  He also co-hosted The Natural Healing and Natural Remedies (radio) Show with Kerri Zane, an award winning TV producer, every Wednesday on the Internet. He is available for “infomercial coaching” to those seeking to break into the business.

YouTube Videos –

            Has video taped over 30 presentations for Internet sites as seen on YouTube.

Nutraceutical and Botanical Formulator –

            He is credited with over 65 nutraceutical and botanical formulations for his own label; Earth Pure Medicine and dozens of other products under private labels; Proxacine, Flexacine, Prostacine Forte, Cinnamon 6, Coral White toothpaste, etc.  He has also created a specialty line called D.I.D. Nutrients.

Aquaceutical Formulator –

            Formulated functional waters under U Water, LLC and his own label Rosetta the Intelligent Water.

Corporate Consultant –

            Has consulted with start-up companies and traveled throughout North America scouting for clinic locations and personnel to set up natural healing centers.  Has consulted with the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico, referring patients there since 1980.

            He is a medical consultant for Coral, LLC the largest importer of fossilized stony coral minerals in the world and has licensed them to sell his products world-wide.

            He was a medical consultant for Cortislim International, Inc.  A world-wide company of science based nutraceuticals for weight loss, cortisol imbalances and more.  

Commissioner/Advisory Board Member –

            He is a Commissioner with the Citizens Commission for Human Rights (CCHR).

National Spokesperson –

            Since 2010, he is a national spokesperson for the Whole Wellness Club, USA.

Chappell Health Products and more –

            President and founder of Chappell Health Products, Earth Pure Medicine, Ruthie’s Remedies, Clinician Labs and QCI Products.  He is the founder and director of Chappell Health Institute (CHI).

Esoteric Experience –

            Dr. Chappell has spent twenty (20) years studying the works of Edgar Cayce and the science of medical intuition.  He is known as a metaphysician; beyond the physical in his understanding of mind energy projection or Scalar Wave transference as taught by UCLA’s Dr. Valeri Hunt.  He has taught thousands of people the concept of the “unseen” in both mind, body, spirit and our perceived perception of reality. 

Inventor –

            Anti-carpal tunnel device for computer operators.

            Portable Ozone generator.

            Water purification system. 

Singer/Song Writer/Performer –    

           “Jimmy” started playing music and singing when he was 13 years old.  Recorded under RCA/Mercury with the rock band; American Genesis and played along with many famous bands including Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Steve Miller, the Young Rascals, Buffalo Springfield, the Yardbirds, Spirit and others.  He wrote, produced, recorded and video taped the song MOXXOR Fan by Dr. J and the Moxxettes (2009) for a Network Marketing Company called MOXXOR based in New Zealand.

Poet –

             Since 1967, has written poems under the pseudonym Eric C. Wyndham with a collection entitled, Touching the Heart of the Matter.

 “…….I have no goal left in this life save one; I want to out love everyone.  It is not for noble cause, I seek to love, rather for pure selfishness for as I receive and transmit our Creator’s gift of love, I get to keep the original copy.” 

 Hobby (Law) –

            For over 40 years, Dr. Chappell has studied the law.  In 2010, he helped his ex-wife as a Pro Se, reverse her foreclosure and unlawful detainer having all assignments, notices and other filings void for lack of standing.  According to the Judge, he was the first Pro Se litigant in the State of California to do so relative to violation of separation of the note and deed of trust using Carpenter v. Longan 83 U.S. 271, 274 (1872). He has recently started Elder Watchdog Services specializing in helping senior citizens with Probate problems, Trusts, Wills, Durable Power of Attorneys, Family Mediation and more.  He is also a certified forensic disability specialist and advocate under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

 “Where Health Resides There Is No Room For Dis-ease”


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