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Foxy-Face Youth Cream



Can you imagine using the Newest, Best, Most Powerful face crème in the world? Of course – because.... You want soft touchable kissable skin that looks young... but how does one know what's really the best? We have an easy answer for you and further below you can read the driving motivation behind us saying “Foxy Face® is the most Powerful face crème in the world” and for that matter “Foxy Face® is The Best face crème in the world.” It is packed with all of the best of the best ingredients – many of them patented and from Europe – the goal – to create the most effective face crème in the world. Not just a nice, good face crème – simply the absolute best that could be made. 

We have a total synergistic approach which your skin will love and you are going to love the mirror. Remember when you were a teenage or in your early 20's – did you have a moisturizing film on your face – or did you simply look young? Foxy Face® leaves no film on your skin trying to make you look young – it simply makes your skin young. Get the results you are looking for from the best of the best ingredients using ancient secrets and the latest in new scientific breakthroughs with Foxy Face®. 

If you are young – then protect your skin and stay that way with the power of Foxy Face®. Other creams use none or only one or two super ingredients – but two - that's just a starter for Foxy Face® – we want you to look great – or better yet FUN-nomial and young. Using the latest scientific breakthroughs, numerous patented ingredients and even Cleopatra's secret – Foxy Face® will have you looking young in no time – here's how... 40% reduction in wrinkles in 28 days and Firmer skin.* 

Foxy Face® uses SYN®TC at extra strength levels – this patented product jump starts 5 real different collagen growth chains making your wrinkles disappear and your skin firmer. Foxy Face® uses SYN®TC in synergy with other super ingredients to achieve FUN-nomial results for you. Glowing Skin – Foxy Face® uses super ingredients Co-Q10 and Melatonin to jump start the energy units in your skin cells. In synergy with other super ingredients your skin now takes on a young fresh vibrant translucent glow – you look young again. Softer Skin – SYN®TC, Cleopatra's ancient secret Black Cumin, 3 world class moisturizers (Shea Butter, Squalene and HA -Hyaluronic acid) to give you young, soft, touchable, kissable skin. Topical Botox® for instant results – where collagen is not the immediate answer and relaxing muscles is – Foxy Face® uses not one – but two super ingredient relaxers that work differently – which is why we use both Argireline and SYN®AKE. Nutrient Dense Nourishment – Caviar – PEPHA®ACTIVE – CoQ10, Black Cumin, Aloe Vera, Grape Seed/Olive Leaf/Pine Bark/Green Tea & Bright Lily Extracts, Melatonin, and Vitamins C,D,E. Read our ingredient page to understand the depth and synergy of our ingredients that will make your skin look so oh la la as the French would say. 

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