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Real Plant Wash



New Plant and Soil Amendment

  • All Natural & Non-Toxic
  • 100% Bio-Available
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Eight Ounces Makes 64 Gallons


Instructions for Use:

Foliar Use:

Spray directly on foliage using one cap full (1/4 oz) of Real Plant Wash (RPW) to  two gallons of water. Note: (8) ounces makes  (64) gallons and will reduce nutrient expense by 50 to 75%.  This will keep from over-feeding the crop.

Water Use:

Mix one cap full (1/4 oz) of RPW to five gallons of water and apply directly on soil& root system.



Real Plant Wash with Molecule ‘X’® 

[A Plant Based Micelle Nano Particle Molecule Infused with Specific Zeta Enhanced Aqueous Solutions to Increase Plant And Crop Yield While Maintaining Their Vibrancy and Health.] © 2015 by Dr. James Chappell, Chief Science Officer - RealBiologics

 Disclaimer – James Chappell is a retired board certified chiropractic physician, board certified traditional naturopath, clinic nutritionist and medical herbalist. Since 1971, he has been a health researcher and educator incorporating evidence-based natural healing protocols and natural medicine for chronic, severe and so-called “terminal” dis-eases. He is also the Chief Science Officer for Real Biologics, a molecular research and development company. After over four decades of research, he recently discovered a specialized molecule he now calls Molecule ‘X’. 


Terms Defined

A molecule is an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds. The term is also applied to polyatomic ions.

An atom is allegedly the smallest unit of matter that defines a chemical element. Every solid, liquid, gas and plasma is made of neutral or ionized atoms. Protons, neutrons and electrons are components of atoms that give it a positive, negative or neutral electrical charge.

A nano particle is a microscopic particle one dimension less than 100 nanometers. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. Nano particle research is at the forefront of molecular medicine. An angstrom is a unit of length equal to one ten-billionth of a meter or one tenth (0.1) of a nanometer.

In this application, plant based extracts are processed to form a nano-sized particle called a micelle. The micelle’s small particle size (1-4 nanometers) combined with its extremely high surface area to volume ratio enable it to penetrate complex carbon molecules and emulsify organic matter. Micelles are activated when mixed with sufficient amount of water such that each micelle is then completely surrounded by a thin layer of water molecules.

The outer hydrophilic shell (head) aggressively searches for and bonds with water molecules, making them hyper-mobile. As shown above, the head of the micelle is hydrophilic meaning it likes water, while the interior portion (tail) is hydrophobic, meaning it avoids water. This provides a way to dissolve molecules that do not like water, in water. Micelles work to breakdown long chain hydrocarbon bonds in fats and oils and hold them in suspension when mixed with water.

Zeta Enhanced Aqueous Solutions

While experimenting on different ways of acquiring better transport methods of carrying specific nutritional elements through plant and crop cell membranes using zeta or electrical potentiated aqueous solutions, I stumbled upon a specific, plant-based nano-sized micelle molecule. Combining this molecule with electrically charged, ionic, acidic, distilled water, I unexpectedly discovered heretofore “unseen” phenomena. I discovered an etheric field within the energy field of plants and more importantly, how one can influence it through intelligent *imprinting.

Unfortunately, until I can acquire and create the equipment needed to visualize and quantify these phenomena, I am left to anecdotal evidence of cause and effect. Simply stated, I know what Molecule ‘X’ can do to increase growth and yield of plants and crops; I just can’t scientifically prove it, as of this date. However, anyone with the correct ingredients, ratios and electrical charge can reproduce the end result of what I have discovered.

Molecule ‘X’ & Real Plant Wash

Taking specific pH rated, ionically charged, mineralized, distilled water and adding Molecule ‘X’ proportionate to the degree of total dissolved solids (TDS), running this solution through a Schauberger vortex and crystal chamber, I have created the first intelligent, imprinted, bio-available water concentrate for plants and crops.

The first plant formula under the Molecule ‘X’ brand will be nano-sized and imprinted to address plant and crop size and yield. It is called, Real Plant Wash with Molecule ‘X’. From fruits, vegetables, trees, bushes, flowers to hemp and marijuana plants, this product has proven to expedite growth by 25% and increase yield up to 100%. As a scientist and physician, I am particularly interested in increasing food crop yield to reduce world-wide hunger and to address the medicinal value of herbs.


“Molecule ‘X’ is the most significant discovery I have made as a scientist and researcher in my 44 year career doing both. Reducing harvest time, increasing growth and yield of any crop be it food or medicinal cannabis is what the world needs. We now have it!” – Dr. James Chappell

 Note: *Imprinting water molecules, in and outside the body, involves Scalar Wave technology or what the late UCLA Professor, Dr. Valerie Hunt coined as “mind energy transference.” It was popularized by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his crystallized water experiments for addressing consciousness and intention as shown in the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know. Thoughts and feelings affect our physical reality to include changing waters expression and actual configuration. As vibratory chaos creates dis-harmony leading to dis-ease, it is critically important to drench ourselves in energetic, cellular, vibratory harmony. Molecule ‘X’ does just that.



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